Global Staunch Congress on

Nanoscience and Nanomaterials

April 02 - 04, 2020 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Theme: Taking Nanoscience to new heights through innovation and collaborations
Staunch Events is Glad to announce our upcoming event Global Staunch congress on Nanotechnology which is going to be held during 2 - 4, April, 2020 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.




Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Conferences:

STAUNCH Events is glad to announce our upcoming event "Events Staunch congress on Nanotechnology"  (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology conferences) which is going to be held during April 02 - 04, 2020 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Main theme of attendance for this conference is to exploit in the areas of "Nanotechnology & Nano Science" learning where our Events expert sessions, young researchers with oral and poster presentations will be placed in every session of this prestigious event. Conference program includes Keynote /plenary lectures, symposia, workshops on various topics, poster presentations and various programs for participants around the world. We gladly invite you to "join us at the Nanotechnology - 2019", where you will be getting a worth full experience with Research scholars and Business class across the world. Nanotechnology – 2019 is designed FOR 30+ TRACKS and 70+ SUBTRACKS IN CURRENT SCENARIO and issues in Nanotechnology and Nano Science."Nanotechnology 2019" is one among the world’s largest Nanotechnology Conferences aims at sharing new advances and new concepts among the industrialists, experts, and graduate students from the scientific arena of Nano Science, "Nano Metals and Nano Biomaterials", Nano materials, Nano Physics, "Nano Materials Chemistry", to share their current developments and applications in different fields and enjoy intuitive talks and specialized sessions at the occasion. We gladly invite you to join us at the Nanotechnology - 2019, We look forward to see you in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • Best platform to develop new partnership & collaborations.
  • Best location to speed up your route into every territory in the World.
  • 89% our conference attendees are the Key contact in their institutions & labs purchasing decisions.
  • Our exhibitor booths were visited 4-5 times by 80% of the attendees during the conference.
  • Group discounts are available.
  • Additional usage /CPD Accreditation with international Certification.
  • Network development with both Academia and Business.
  • You can interact with Events speakers
  •  Platform for B2B and B2C meetings
  •  providing CPD CREDITS
  •  will provide discounts on groups
  •  Access to break sessions and lunch
  •  Felicitate with certificate and conference kit on participation
  •  will provide prizes on YRF poster and oral winners
  •  Symposia & workshops for Researchers & students
  • Professionals from all over the globe who are potential participants to the conference like Nano Base engineers, Scientists/Researchers, Professors, President/Vice president, Chairs/Directors, Nanotechnology Scientists, Students, Experts and Delegates, Scholars, Students, Lecturers, University Professors, Various Societies members, Institutes-engineering Schools/colleges, Academicians: University Faculties, Research Scholars, and Scientists involved.

    We are also obliged to welcome all and various delegate experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who support the conference by facilitating active discussion forums.

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The conference will ensure every individual with the knowledge, expertise and support to promote Nano Science and technology for scientists, students,delegates & people with interest in field....

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Researchers interested to participate in the conference are 'requested to submit their research paper abstract' for the initial approval from the Organizing Committee, the abstract accepted, will be a...

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  • You can interact with Events speakers
  • Platform for B2B and B2C meetings
  • Meet Research Key contacts effectively
  • You can upgrade Professional Practice gaps in key your research area
  • CME/CPD/CE Credits
  • Young research form and Awards
  • Best poster presentation Awards
  • Felicitate with certificate and conference kit on participation
  • We are offering discount for Group participation
  • Certification by the International Accreditation Organization
  • Young researchers & Best poster presentation awards

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  •  Advanced Level of Nanotechnology
  •  Advanced Nano Materials and Nano Particles
  •  Analytical Techniques
  •  Applications of Nanomaterials
  •  Applications of Nanotechnology in Life Sciences & Health Care
  •  Biological Synthesis of Nanoparticles
  •  Biomedical Nanomaterials
  •  Biomedical nanotechnology
  •  Bio-Nanomaterials and Tissues Engineering
  •  Bionanotechnology
  •  Biosensors
  •  Cancer Nanotechnology
  •  Carbon Nanotechnology
  •  Characterization and properties of Nanomaterials
  •  Computational Material Science
  •  DNA Nanotechnology
  •  Drug Delivery and Nano Particles
  •  Environment, Health and Safety Issues
  •  Forensic nanotechnology
  •  Functional Nanomaterials
  •  Future Challenges in Nanotechnology
  •  Graphene & 2D Materials
  •  Graphene and 3D Materials
  •  Graphene and its Applications
  •  Green Nanoscience
  •  Green Nanotechnology
  •  Importance of Nanotechnology in Biosensors
  •  Internet of Nano Things (IoNT)
  •  Material Processing and Manufacturing
  •  Material science
  •  Materiomics
  •  Mathematical Modelling of Nanotechnology
  •  Molecular Nanotechnology
  •  Molecular Nanotechnology and Nano Robotics
  •  Nano Biotechnology
  •  Nano Composites
  •  Nano Computational Modelling
  •  Nano drug delivery
  •  Nano electronic devices
  •  Nano Electronics and Microsystems
  •  Nano Fluidics
  •  Nano Materials Synthesis and Characterisation
  •  Nano Medicine
  •  Nano Pharmaceuticals
  •  Nano Physics
  •  Nano Robotics
  •  Nano robotics, Assembly and Automation
  •  Nano Science Latest Research, Innovation and Technology
  •  Nano Toxicology
  •  Nano Tribology
  •  Nanobiomaterials
  •  Nanobubble in Nanomedicine
  •  Nanocosmetics
  •  Nanodevices and Systems
  •  Nanoelectronics and Biomedical Devices
  • Nanodevices and Nanosensors
  •  Nanoengineering
  •  Nanofabrication
  •  Nanomaterials
  •  Nanomaterials Characterisation and Synthesis
  •  Nanomaterials manufacturing technologies
  •  Nanomaterials Safety and regulations
  •  Nanomedical Devices
  •  Nanomedicine
  •  Nanoparticles
  •  Nanoparticles in Photodynamic Therapy
  •  Nanophotonics
  •  Nanorobotics
  •  Nanorobots in Medicine
  •  Nanosafety & Nanotoxicity
  •  Nanoscale materials
  •  Nanoscience and Technology
  •  Nanosensor
  •  Nanostructures
  •  Nanosurgery
  •  Nanotech for Energy and Environment
  •  Nanotech products
  •  Nanotech Risk and Safety
  •  Nanotechnologies in the Food Industry
  •  Nanotechnology and Environment
  •  Nanotechnology applications
  •  Nanotechnology Based Drug Delivery System
  •  Nanotechnology for Energy and Environment
  •  Nanotechnology in Agriculture, Water treatment and Food Industry
  •  Nanotoxicology
  •  Nanozymes
  •  Natural Product Based Nanomedicine
  •  Organic Nanoparticles
  •  Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
  •  Polymer Nanotechnology
  •  Polymeric Nanoparticles for Biomedical
  •  Quantum dots
  •  Recent development and advanced researches in Nanotechnology
  •  Regulatory Aspects towards Approval of Nanomedicine
  •  Scope of Nanomaterials
  •  Stem cells and nanotechnology
  •  Sustainability Nanotechnology
  •  Targeted drug delivery system
  •  Emerging Areas of NanoScience
  •  Emerging Areas of Nanotechnology

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