Global Staunch congress on

Material Science and Carbon compounds

April 02 - 04, 2020 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Theme: Taking Material technology to the next level
Good benefits for group participation and plenary participation

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city in the European country of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is famous for its canals and dykes. Unlike most other countries, the national government is not in Amsterdam, but in The Hague.

About 838,000 people were living in Amsterdam in 2016. The city hosts two universities (the University of Amsterdam and the Free University Amsterdam) and an international airport "Schiphol Airport". About 2.2 million people live in the metropolitan area. The city of Amsterdam is the world's most multi-cultural city. It has people living there from 175 different countries. Like other big cities in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world, Amsterdam is unfortunately subjected to many criminal activities.