Global Staunch congress on

Material Science and Carbon compounds

April 02 - 04, 2020 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Theme: Taking Material technology to the next level
Good benefits for group participation and plenary participation
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

What to do
Hop aboard a ship to glide past mansions standing altogether their glory aside the shimmering canals on a sunny summer day, or at the hours of darkness, with their mysterious middle-age shadows from their fairy lights. Viewing Amsterdam from the water-side is astonishing.
Or you might prefer to expertise Dutch capital as several of the locals do, because the best athletics town within the world.Everybody uses a bike to go anywhere.
Discover the cultural secrets packed into Dutch capital, like courtyards tucked behind 17th century old facades, a hidden church in a merchant’s house, Or a cultural breeding ground like Overtoom  with all types of innovative, contemporary art and performances.And do because the locals, sit back and relax with a coffee or something stronger in one of the many cafés.There is one for each mood and occasion, before dancing the night away or for brandies after a classical concert.Laze in one in every of the many parks, visit a biological market or the ‘negen straatjes’ (nine streets) in the ‘Jordaan’ area.And don’t forget to require a glance what the celebrated windows within the Red lightweight District and a ‘coffeeshop’ ar all concerning.

Where to stay
We can advise you on a building that meets your desires if that's your most well-liked thanks to be lodged.
If you keep longer than 2 nights although, we advise you to take an apartment and live like a local, see apartments list.
You can check our web site as we've got a really big choice of residences to supply.
Whatever your desires ar, we've got a decent provide for you to decide on from: from small, basic equipped residences to luxurious accommodation equipped with a bath.

How to get around
The centre of Dutch capital is incredibly compact thus you’ll see and luxuriate in the foremost if you go around by foot.
You can conjointly rent a motorcycle for the time you keep in Dutch capital.
The public transport consists of trams, busses and metros.. in our own way to induce around is by Tuktuk, a bike-taxi.
Taxis ar overpriced, there ar official and non-official taxis.