Global Staunch congress on

Datamining and Big data analytics

November 18 - 19, 2019 | Valencia, Spain
Theme: Next evolution of data world
Good benefits for group participation and plenary participation

Our CPD accredited trending event Datamining and Big data analytics

THEME:Connecting through Innovation and Collaboration

Our CPD accredited trending event Datamining and Big data analytics

STAUNCH GLOBAL is Glad to announce our upcoming event Global Staunch congress on Data mining & Big data analytics (SGDBA - 2019) which is going to be held during  November 18 - 19, 2019 | Valencia, Spain. Main theme of attendance for this conference is to exploit in the areas of Data mining & Big data analytics, Data science and machine learning where our global expert sessions, young researchers with oral and poster presentations will be placed in every session of this prestigious event. Conference program includes Keynote /plenary lectures, symposia, workshops on various topics, poster presentations and various programs for participants around the world. We gladly invite you to join us at the SGDBA - 2019, where you will be getting a worth full experience with Research scholars and Business class across the world. SGDBA – 2019 is designed FOR 30+ TRACKS AND 70+ SUBTRACKS IN CURRENT SCENARIO & issues in Data mining & Big data analytics. We look forward to see you in Valencia, Spain.

  • A- Acquire the broad set of perspectives and insights on some of the critical issues in the field of Data Mining.
  • T- Transmit current issues and advances of your latest research.
  • T- Thought provoking speeches by Scientists, Professors, Ph.D.'s and Young Researchers.
  • E- Exhibit your Devices, Software tools, Applications, and Services.
  • N- Network development with Academic and Business Professionals.
  • D- Developing highly effective techniques for identification by sharing knowledge.

Professionals from all over the globe who are potential participants to the conference like Data Base engineers, Scientists/Researchers, Professors, President/Vice president, Chairs/Directors, Data Scientists, Students, Experts and Delegates, Scholars, Students, Lecturers, University Professors, Various Societies members, Institutes-engineering Schools/colleges, Academicians: University Faculties, Research Scholars, and Scientists involved.

We are also obliged to welcome all and various delegate experts, company representatives and other eminent personalities who support the conference by facilitating active discussion forums.

  • Best platform to develop new partnership & collaborations.
  • Best location to speed up your route into every territory in the World.
  • 89% our conference attendees are the Key contact in their institutions & labs purchasing decisions.
  • Our exhibitor booths were visited 4-5 times by 80% of the attendees during the conference.
  • Group discounts are available.
  • Additional usage /CPD Accreditation with international Certification.
  • Network development with both Academia and Business.

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  • Platform for B2B and B2C meetings
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  • You can upgrade Professional Practice gaps in key your research area
  • CME/CPD/CE Credits
  • Young research form and Awards
  • Best poster presentation Awards
  • Felicitate with certificate and conference kit on participation
  • We are offering discount for Group participation
  • Certification by the International Accreditation Organization
  • Young researchers & Best poster presentation awards

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  •  Advanced computer applications
  •  Aerial Robotics and UAV
  •  AI & Machine Learning in HealthCare & Medical Science
  •  Animation Industry
  •  Artificial Intelligence
  •  Artificial intelligence applications
  •  Artificial Intelligence in Computer Graphics
  •  Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
  •  Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  •  Autonomous vehicles
  •  Big data
  •  Big Data Algorithm
  •  Big Data analysis and Data mining
  •  Big Data Analytics
  •  Big Data Applications, Challenges and Opportunities
  •  Big Data in Nursing Research
  •  Big Data Optimization
  •  Big Data Technologies
  •  Big Data, Data Science and Data Mining
  •  Biostatistics applications
  •  Business Analytics
  •  Business Intelligence
  •  Cloud - Oriented Business Trends
  •  Cloud as a Service
  •  Cloud computing & Ecommerce
  •  Cloud Computing Security
  •  Cloud Infrastructure
  •  Cloud Operations and Management
  •  Clustering
  •  Cognitive Computing
  •  Complexity and Algorithms
  •  Complexity in data structure and algorithm
  •  Computer Animation
  •  Computer Graphics
  •  Computer Graphics Applications
  •  Computer Science and Technology
  •  Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition
  •  Computer Vision and Image Processing
  •  Computer vision, machine vision and analytics
  •  Cyber Security
  •  3D Web Technology
  •  Data Analytics
  •  Data analytics in cloud
  •  Data Mining
  •  Data mining analysis
  •  Data Mining Applications in Science, Engineering, Healthcare and Medicine
  •  Data Mining Cluster Analysis
  •  Data Mining for Cyber Security
  •  Data Mining Methods and Algorithms
  •  Data Mining Tasks, Processes and Analysis
  •  Data Mining Tools and Software
  •  Data Privacy and Ethics
  •  Data Warehousing
  •  Deep Learning Frameworks
  •  Distributed and Parallel Computing
  •  Facial Expression and Emotion Detection
  •  Fog Computing
  •  Forecasting from Big Data
  •  Frequent Pattern Mining
  •  Future Computing Challenges
  •  Game Design & Development
  •  Gamification and Social Game Mechanics
  •  GPU Technology
  •  High Performance Computing
  •  Human-Computer Interaction
  •  Human-Robot Interaction
  •  Imaging and Image Processing
  •  Industrial Robot Automation
  •  Intelligent Agents and Multi-agent Systems
  •  Intelligent Transportation Systems
  •  Internet of Things
  •  IoT on Cloud Computing
  •  Machine Learning
  •  Mapping and Localization, Map for Autonomous Vehicles
  •  Medical Robotics
  •  Mobile Cloud Computing
  •  Modeling
  •  Multi-modal sensing (Radar, Lidar, Imager, etc)
  •  Nanoinformatics
  •  Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Speech Recognition
  •  New Visualization Techniques
  •  OLAP technologies
  •  Open Data
  •  Optimization and Big Data
  •  Pattern Recognition
  •  Performance, scalability, and reliability
  •  Predictive Analytics
  •  Rendering
  •  Renewable Energy Forecasting with Big Data
  •  Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  •  Role of robotics in Prosthetics and Orthotics
  •  SAP SAS (Statistical Analysis System)
  •  Search and Data Mining
  •  Simulation
  •  Social Media analytics
  •  Social Network Analysis
  •  Statistical Methods
  •  Technology Trends
  •  Trends In Cloud Computing
  •  Visualization & 3D Printing